Research and Development

DTC researchers based in Maidenhead, UK are at the cutting edge of technology

We maintain a world-leading diamond research and technological development centre in the United Kingdom.  At our laboratories in Maidenhead, Berkshire, scientists and engineers - specialists in a range of disciplines that includes electronics, design, mechanics and imaging technology - engage in fundamental diamond research and develop new methods for verifying and sorting diamonds. 

Our technology, in use at all our sorting operations and those of our partners, has helped DTC Botswana become the largest, most sophisticated rough diamond sorting and valuing operation in the world.

Sorting  - We've been using automated systems to enhance our hand sorting capabilities and to offer competitive advantage since 1972. Today, our machines provide unparalleled operating efficiency, flexibility and consistency with a particular focus on simplifying and speeding processes. Some of our proprietary machines operate at speeds of eight diamonds per second to select value-added assortments in bespoke categories of size, shape, colour and clarity.

Manufacturing - Our skilled in-house prototyping  and development teams work closely to turn ideas into reality, rapidly prototyping, assembling and testing all equipment produced by R&D.

Consumer Confidence - Our fundamental research aims to develop techniques and equipment that rapidly identify synthetics and treated diamonds. The work has led to the development of world-leading verification and discrimination instruments. Our  DiamondSure, DiamondView and DiamondPLus  systems are used for testing diamonds in the world's key gemmological laboratories.

Forevermark - Our most advanced systems sort and colour-grade diamonds destined to bear the Forevermark inscription. Bespoke, proprietary screening equipment ensures that every Forevermark diamond is natural and untreated.

This video illustrates the use of DiamondSure, DiamondView and DiamondPlus