Diamond sorters Anna Moshaphalo, Rebecca Nukwevho, Mariekie Thibedi, Cecilia Kwinda and Eunice Sefole. They are busy sorting diamonds into different sizes and grades before they are shipped to the DTCB in Gaborone for evaluation and sale

Beneficiation is a core part of the De Beers business model, and fundamental to our commitment to working with our partners. Beneficiation initiatives ensure the growth of business activities catalysed by the diamond industry, which add value to the economies of diamond producing countries.

These programmes include diamond sorting, valuing, cutting, polishing, marketing and retailing, as well as activities which are not specific to diamonds, such as IT, banking, security and transport.

Through our beneficiation strategy, the mining and trading of diamonds brings ancillary economic and social benefits to the countries where we mine. Key contributions include:

  • A skilled and educated workforce
  • Inward and locally-based investment
  • A more entrepreneurial culture 

It's a process that requires cooperation from all parties - from governments creating a secure, enabling business environment; from diamond producers providing local access to appropriate rough diamonds, and from Sightholders' commitments to job creation, skills transfer and in-country operations.

DTC Botswana is the most sophisticated diamond sorting & valuing centre in the world
Diamonds are cut and polished in Gaborone, Botswana

Key achievements include:

  • The creation of thousands of skilled jobs through the establishment of joint venture operations in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. In Botswana, for example, 3,200 manufacturing jobs have been created since 2007, and 21 locally-based Sightholders have been established
  • Extremely high localisation of the De Beers employee base; well over 90% of the staff in our African offices are African nationals
  • Continuing introduction of the latest diamond related technologies. As a result, DTC Botswana is the most advanced diamond sorting and valuing operation in the world
  • Skills development of local employees in areas such as account management and the operation and maintenance of advanced diamond technology
  • The Shining Light Diamond Design Awards in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The awards programme stimulates the local jewellery design industry and strengthens the image of diamond jewellery as African products

The next chapter

In 2013 De Beers relocated all its rough diamond sales activity from London to Gaborone.  The first international Sight took place in November 2013.  A significant step toward establishing Botswana as a major diamond trading country will have been achieved with skills, investment and infrastructure coming together in southern Africa.

Beneficiation in Action