Namdeb Holdings

The sea walker drill platform is drilling the surf zone. The platform is accesible via an aerial ropeway and is the first stage in the development of a larger drill platform

A 50/50 joint venture partnership with the Government of the Republic of Namibia

Diamonds have been part of Namibia’s economy for more than 100 years. First discovered by a railroad worker named Zacharia Lewala near Lüderitz in 1908, they prompted a diamond "rush”.  The deposits along Namibia's coast and ancient river beds are so rich that early prospectors could sometimes find stones glittering on the sandy surface of valley floors.

Today, finding, recovering and processing diamonds is more complex, but Namibia's resource of very high quality diamonds remains substantial. We conduct land-based alluvial mining operations in Namibia's Northern and Southern Coastal Regions, and marine-based mining in the Atlantic Ocean off the Namibian Coast.

Since being established in 1994, our equal partnership with the Namibian Government has added more to the country's GDP than all other mining activities combined.

Namdeb Holdings at a Glance

  • Largest producer of gem quality diamonds in Namibia - 95% of the diamonds we produce are gem quality, averaging the highest per carat value of any diamonds in the world
  • Second largest employer in Namibia, and largest taxpayer
  • Namibia's biggest foreign exchange generator, contributing one in every five Namibian dollars of foreign earnings
  • Alluvial and marine mining activities cover 15,789 square kilometres and include nine mining licences
  • NamGem, our wholly-owned subsidiary, was Namibia's first diamond cutting and polishing company
  • Namdeb Foundation contribute towards sustainable socio-economic development in Namibia

Namdeb Holdings is comprised of:

  • Marine Mining LIST

    Debmarine Namibia

    Namibia has the richest known marine diamond deposits in the world, estimated at more than 80 million carats. They represent approximately 64% of Namdeb's total diamond production and 90% of its diamond resources.

  • Alluvial LIST

    Namdeb Coastal Mines

    The diamonds distributed along Namibia's coast reflect millions of years of prevailing winds, currents and tides. Two million years ago, natural forces carried stones westward along the ancient course of the Orange River and northward along the Atlantic beaches.

Securing the future: Towards 2050 and Beyond

For a number of years, Namdeb has been investigating new technologies to profitably the mine the more inaccessible parts of the inshore and inner shelf portions of our onshore licence areas.  As part of this effort, Project 2050 was launched in 2010. The project’s primary objective is to extend the life of sustainable and profitable mining activities beyond 2050.

Namdeb’s Strategic Projects team continues to investigate and accelerate critical projects to extend the life of our mines and the contribution that they can make to the Namibia economy. 

Haul trucks depositing mined gravels