This Terex 50 Ton shovel is used at Venetia mine

Venetia is an open pit mine and South Africa's largest producer of diamonds, contributing 40% of the country's annual production. The mine is in Limpopo Province in the northeast corner of South Africa.

This is one of South Africa's most economically deprived areas, and we are actively involved with South Africa’s Department of Agriculture and the Musina municipality in a number of job creation projects.

The Venetia deposit consists of 12 kimberlite pipes. Currently we are mining two of the largest in a single, open pit operation.

Venetia is located near the 36,000 hectare Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve, and we are involved in a variety of ecological conservation activities including the relocation of plants and animals affected by our activities.

A feasibility study for the proposed R15 billion (US $2.1 Billion) investment to convert the open pit into an underground mine is underway. The project is to be submitted to the DBCM board for consideration in 2012. Open pit operations will run to 2021 and the conversion to underground mining is expected to extend the life of the mine by 25 years to 2046.



  • 1903 - Diamond bearing alluvial gravels are discovered near the Limpopo River, 35km northeast of the mine
  • 1969 - We begin exploration to locate the source of the alluvials
  • 1980 - Kimberlite pipes are discovered.
  • 1990 - Mine construction begins
  • 1992 - Venetia opens on 14 August


We are aiming for a target open-pit depth of 400 meters, after which we will begin underground mining at Venetia to extend the life of the mine.  Our operations are likely to go underground between 2018 and 2021.

Haul trucks at Venetia