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Mining is at the heart of what we do. Our skills and technology, honed by more than 120 years of experience, bring diamonds into the light of day.  We have the largest diamond resource and reserve position in the world and the best mining assets. 

Find out more about how we mine for diamonds

  • Mining Methods LIST

    Mining Methods

    Each diamond deposit is different, which means our approach at each of our operations must be different - tailored to the geology and conditions we find. We use four different mining methods to access diamonds across of variety of geological conditions.

  • Mining ops LIST

    Mining Operations

    From our first South African mines our mining operations have spread into the diamond rich countries of the west coast of southern Africa and, half a world away, to the frozen tundra of Canada's Northwest Territories.

  • Diamond Processing LIST

    Diamond Processing

    Processing diamondiferous ore and Diamond Value Management, the strategy that guides our operations, are inextricably linked. Both aim to maximise the value and life of our diamonds.

  • Mining Tech LIST

    Mining Technology

    De Beers is the global leader in diamond technology. By investing in cutting edge research and development through our technology arm, DebTech, we are able to maximise the value and life of our resource.